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French is a Romance language (meaning that it is descended primarily from Vulgar Latin) that evolved out of the Gallo-Romance dialects spoken in northern France. A majority of the world’s French-speaking population lives in Africa. According to the 2007 report by the Organization internationale de la Francophonie, an estimated 115 million African people spread across 31 Francophone African countries can speak French as either a first or a second language. This number does not include the people living in non-Francophone African countries who have learned French as a foreign language.
After the German language, French is the most widely spoken mother tongue in the European Union. It is also the third most widely understood language in the EU, after English and German. It is an official language of all United Nations agencies and a large number of international organizations. According to the European Union, 129 million (or 26% of the Union’s total population), in 27 member states speak French, of which 65 million are native speakers and 69 million claim to speak French either as a second language or as a foreign language, making it the third most spoken second language in the Union, after English and German.
Spanish is the second most natively spoken language in the world. Spanish is recognized as one of the official languages of the United Nations, the European Union, the Organization of American States, the Organization of Ibero-American States, the African Union, the Union of South American Nations, the Latin Union, and the Caricom and has legal status in the North American Free Trade Agreement.
The above tells us how important French and Spanish are. As young people we can not fully attain global citizenship (AIESECer) if we can only boast of speaking and understanding one language. This project is for every young person who wish to have any/all of these two important languages as added value in his/her language skills.


Develop young people through language skills enhancement.
Opportunity for people to learn and practice French and Spanish
To provide opportunity for young people to get employed in any part of the world
To increase the number of Ghanaians going internships abroad (most of the internship require more than English as spoken language for graduates)
To bridge the language barrier between business people and partners or potential clients.


This project will be implemented by interns from around the world and few AIESEC members. A project director, AIESEC members and interns.

The project team does not need to be just like we have on the chart above; even 4 people can implement it (a team leader and team members or PD and project members). This can be implemented timely and successful by partnering with some AIESEC countries that have this language skill to send EPs to Ghana to teach while they improve their English speaking skills as well, which I have already started and getting cool response.
Members who take part in this project (learning the language) will go for an internship in the countries partnered with, to improve on the understanding and speaking by practicing more. This project will increase both ICX and OGX for each of the countries involved.
This information is the basics for this project, LC and project members should use their initiatives and creativity to implement is successfully.


I worked on a project of this nature for my NGO in Nigeria. The idea about this project is to get teenagers or children to learn more about countries while they are growing up so that, they do not also grow up with the notion that, they only country where you will find opportunities is “America”. Interns come having the job description that, for every time they meet the children they show them pictures, ppt and tell them stories about their country.
We implemented this project by hosting the kids in our office for one full week but for us here can can run it differently with the same concept and even add more to it.
Some AIESEC countries are organizing similar projects, in Europe mostly and what they do is, camp students/children for some weeks and interns are there with them throughout teaching them about respecting culture, showing them pictures, videos, ppt and tell them about their culture.
I just have the idea but I can’t tell how this project should be run, so any LC, who wants to run it, can have a meeting with me so we put our thoughts together.
The idea on this project is that AIESEC members come from their countries and get AIESEC Ghana close to their embassies here (raise partnerships with embassy).
So this is what I have in mind. The intern has the job description of arriving in the country, visiting the embassy and raising an internship for him/herself. The first time the intern visits the embassy is to introduce him, the next time he goes is to explain what AIESEC is and the other times is to find a way of assisting them in their office work at the embassy thereby creating a small MT there (he can do this for the number of weeks he signed with AIESEC to be here). Before this intern leaves, he has to connect another EP from his country to come and replace.
When the intern comes, his main role is to connect with the embassy and get AIESEC close to the embassy; this will make the embassy signed for paying MT with AIESEC when they realize they need people to stay for more than two months.
The other role of the intern is to be assisting in the operations of the LC (a CEEDer kind off), the intern becomes like an LC member, raising funds and assisting in administrative work, which means he even bonds well with the LC because he will be required to attend LC meetings.
For me these are very interesting things we can do which will not cost us so much like the usual EAPs we run.


As the name goes, this project is aimed at health for people but focus of children. Many children who find themselves in the orphanages and hospitals wish for better life. Most times, the staffs at the orphanage or hospital are few to do everything that is needed for the people they take care off and this is because they can’t pay more staff or there are few people who are interested or passionate about these jobs.
So the interns job is to wake up everyday and go to a hospital or orphanage of choice and be with them, playing and being with the kids to boost their confidence and feel a sense of belonging (laughter alone can heal the heart). There are many people out there who will love to work on such project, even the MT interns here sometimes chat amongst themselves or ask for orphanages they can spend their weekend with the kids.
Again we can sit and share ideas on how we can run it.


This project is to prepare the next generation to know more about issues that affect our society. LC selects topics which adolescent are curious about and go to schools to discuss it. Topics like, puberty, sexuality, leadership, choosing a career, morality, environment, social vices, etc. LC members of the project will include in their preparation, going to NGOs to for to talk to them to partner in training on how to talk on these topics and even get models and materials from the NGO. When interns arrive, project members and interns will go for the training at the NGO and then choose at least two of these topics they can talk more about.
They will go to selected schools and do the trainings. This project can be run like the ASK project, except that this time, it’s not on HIV/AIDS and also models are not already created (will be created with the help of NGOs).

•    We may not have to spend so much money in implementing if we have all preparations done well.
•    To make realizations faster, I will create a blog for all our projects, what projects with have in Ghana, how we run them and some pictures, we will promote the blog for people to read from and they get interested in sending CVs for the TN forms we will have in the system. I have created the blog for ICX and OGX sharing experiences to promote easy matching, hope you have all seen it.
•    In running these projects, interns will take care of their transportation around and feeding, we will provide accommodation.
•    Places like Chorkor, Mamprobi, (I’m sure you understand the names I’m trying to mention) will be massively involved in these projects. Also some interns will have to be staying in outside Accra or places far from Accra in order for us to reach a large number of people and also to reach people who actually need such activities.
•    It is also in the plan that, for preliminaries, project members will start work by, collaborating with me to meet some Assembly men, who can get this approved for their communities. They can then support by helping us with people who can host interns in the communities where the projects are running (so interns stay with them and AIESEC members meet to work with interns) and also get some funds in the long run from benevolent institutions or the government when they start seeing the impact.
•    I want us as leaders to reflect on these, make inputs and let’s meet to start work. This will not only increase our realizations but increase and improve our impact in the society and again giving more AIESEC members in and out the country to have different experience as compared to the usual ones we are used to.
•    An LC does not need to run all projects, but you can keep all your members busy if you can run all. You can start by sending a mail or sms to non active members to meet for an important assignment (if you feel all members you have enough to do), if you talk to some non active members, they either didn’t find any project of interest or have too little to do in the LC.


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