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Yes Project

Project Concept

The Project is an Empowering Africa Program that reaches out to young people and help equip them with the needed skills to become more independent as job innovators and not seekers. This is how the African GN (Growth Network) of AIESEC seeks to help elevate poverty.

Project Types

Formal  YES

The project team organises pre-seminars in universities and other tertiary schools around entrepreneurship issues to prepare them for the all inclusive Business plan Competition that sees a group immerging as the winning team. Awards are provided for this through corporate partnership or sponsorship.
We do these with the help of mentors and facilitators
in all our sessions.

Informal  YES

We select remote areas around the Accra environment to raise the youth amongst them and help them join vocational institutions to polish their talents to establish businesses that can earn them a living. This reduces the vices in such societies.

Project Objectives

  • To develop African young entrepreneurs through skill enhancement,   theoretical and practical training enabling them to create their own smart business start up plans.
  • To provide learning experience that would help enhance an entrepreneurial culture in African youth.
  • To develop the youth with innovative technological background and promote ICT in businesses
  • To enable students use technological innovations solve and improve upon ideas
  • To bridge ICT and entrepreneurship providing a possibility to showcase talents


Project Activities

  • Pre-Seminars
  • Sourcing for learning partners
  • Fund-raising
  • Training Facilitators
  • Opening Ceremony
  • Business Plan Workshop & Working groups
  • Closing Ceremony

Project Benefits

  • Communication Skills
  • Reporting Skills
  • Facilitation and Teaching Skills
  • Social Networking
  • Event Management
  • Conflict Management
  • Proper Planning
  • Effective Financial Management

Project Partners

Project Moments

Training on securing a business from the Registrar General Department

Business Plan Competition Launch-WED

YES Informal Training

Pre-Seminar at Regent University College

Group discussions after Financials Presentation

A Panel awarding the Best Outstanding Member

A cross-section of people present celebrating with the Winning Business Plan Group.